How Can Strong Winds Affect Your Home?

Natural elements can have drastic effects on homes in Carpentersville. While you may be concerned about fireproofing and waterproofing your home, don’t forget about protecting your house against strong winds. Even with proper precautions, wind damage can occur, so reaching out to insurance adjusters after an extreme weather event is recommended.

Exterior and Interior Damage

  • Windows – Common wind damage includes the shattering of glass windows. This damage presents two dangers: sharp pieces of glass flying through the air and an unblocked entryway.
  • Doors – Double-entry doors and other doors that involve glass are especially susceptible to strong winds. Even if doors don’t contain glass, they can be thrown open by winds. Rain doesn’t even have to be present for damage to occur. Wind blowing through a home presses against the roof and interior walls and has the potential to blow the roof off of the home.
  • Roofs – Roofs are extremely vulnerable to wind damage, and they can be lifted off of houses if the winds are strong enough. Any loose roofing material presents a weak point. At the least, homeowners are expected to lose some shingles, but structural damage is common during severe storms.
  • Garages – Double garages are especially susceptible to damage because they have a greater surface area. Garage doors can be pulled off, and entire garages can collapse.
  • Trees – Strong winds can use tree branches as weapons. Tree branches can break off and scratch or punctures roofs.

Wind Damage Prevention Tips

Take the time to prepare for strong winds in advance. Trim overgrown tree limbs occasionally, and prune dead or diseased tree branches to prevent them from breaking during storms. Be sure to schedule a roof inspection at least once a year to ensure that your roof is in good condition and can withstand extreme weather.

If your Carpentersville home has been damaged by a recent windstorm, thunderstorm, or tornado, don’t stress more than you have to. Contact insurance adjusters, and request their assistance. They’ll be able to assess the damage inflicted on your home, including an impaired roof, mold growth, weakened structural components, and damaged paint, flooring, and wallpaper. Once the damage is examined, insurance adjusters offer guidance and help file claims with insurance companies. Experienced insurance adjusters at Independent Public Adjusters can help you work through the damage assessment and insurance claim process.

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